Saturday, October 14, 2017

It been long time

It been long time I never blogging
After back to work in the organization for 2 years
The urge of leaving turn stronger 
Even I don't know where I can go if I leaving 
I just know I need a deep rest to recover my body
Body turn week maybe not enough rest 
Everyday before work  wake up at 7.30am and reach home at 12.30am
This unhealthy lifestyle should stop
Maybe this is the sign to me
To explore another career 
Should I back to Malaysia permanently 
After rest and back to Singapore 
I have no idea
My talent is only service 
Wish to future my study 
But I am scare to go back to my previous college lifestyle
Somehow I thinking if I really choose to study design
The use of double diploma it's will bring a really Bright side in my future  career
Obtaining EXSA soon 
After the award ceremony 
Which mean is time for me to leave and have a good rest 

Monday, April 13, 2015


Tomorrow will have my FUE  surgery soon
Another challenge in my life
Which have to take 6 months for result and 1 years for recovery
 The surgery will start 10am to 7pm
A lot of people asking  am I scare
I just can reply my past are more scariest than this
It might have side effect in future as what I survey on web
i just wish to make myself better and better 
I never really relax myself this past 3 years
I am glad the time I resign my parent support me
They know I am stress and tired all along since I graduated
Last but not least
Nice to knowing you 'MARK MALONG'

You can not appreciate the view at the top unless you've I stood at the bottom. To be successful, you must understand what failure is like. And there 's nothing more humbling than starving for Success. There' s dignity in paying your dues and working your way up from the bottom. If we all started out rich with success, we'd never learn anything on the way up

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 first blog

It been long time i didn't blogging
this coming june i will turn 25 years old time flies
been Aspial corporation Limited for 3 years
maybe can said that almost come to end
wealth is important to me that can make my family live good
i think currently i need a short break to plan for my future
i don 't know whether myself was making a right decision or not
but i just can tell myself that was no regret.

I wish to make my family dream come true 
Rebuild & Renovated the house is one of their dream since few years ago
but i really unable to do anythings right now
due to i feel that my income was not stable yet
after this coming May i will re-planning everythings
Just give me another two years
i will try my best to make their wish come true

i feel that i really need more time to accompany my family members
maybe after this i will have more time but without income for few month

Saturday, March 8, 2014

feeling to leave

somehow now
i wish to resign so much
it make me feeling lost of my life
just because of the attractive salary
that make me can't leave 
choosing a wrong course is one of my regret of my life
i telling myself i will not make any decision that cause myself regret again
even i am planning to resign within this year 
start my new life
although i don't know what will happen if i resign and where i will be for the next
planning to bold my hair and rest for couple of month
since joining this company until now
i never relax myself
my brain only full of paperwork and sales target
feeling tired
i admit that i didn't perform well for this past few month
my sales drop month to month
i am actually very tired with my workflow
people leaving here and there
people transfer here and there
cause of this
every time make me not comfortable at all
i prefer a work place with family feel
time to time all had change
environment is very important to let myself determine
whether i will stay or leave
i am trying my best to control my mood
i am so tired
i just wish myself can happy always
recently i fear meeting up with new people
even right now
i feel a bit hard for me to talk with someone to express my feeling as well
it turn myself so call 'hard to believe everyone even myself'

Saturday, April 27, 2013


knowing you is the greater things that god given to me
you teach me everythings
compared to previous
i more happy than last time
more strong and more independant
today cut my finger second time in stall
does not feel any pain or hurt at all
happy to the max that happen to me in my shop
hit 10k sales in a day
the feeling was so great
steven now
know more on his direction
No Pain No Gain
Thanks for everythings
you are the strongest person that i know
u are my example that achieved greater success
hope can know you more

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Recently my emotion really not that stable
i become more miserable
i like walk into a huge jungle that i lost myself so much
what can i do?
this question owe floating in my brain
i know that's all my own problem
i feel myself very useless
i thought i am the strongest 
today i feel myself weak like a frog
i even can't take care myself well
someone tell me that i owe depend on others
i really useless
at my aged i even can't manage myself well
what should i do?
since small till now
only myself that planning my life
i really tired all of this
everything i solved alone face alone
i tired to the max
hope everything will end soon
but need to keep smiling

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Finally promote to customer service executive
my lao pan really give me a big surprise
love all my colleagues so much
i will do my best and give u all my best
still have a lot of things to learn 
my weakness is the area that i need to improve most
recently i happy with my life so much
cause of all my friends, colleagues, family members
that always accompany me
they really bright my day
i feel caring from them so much
i know that u all are very care about me
i promise u all
i will life better and take care myself more
i will not let myself down anymore