Monday, April 13, 2015


Tomorrow will have my FUE  surgery soon
Another challenge in my life
Which have to take 6 months for result and 1 years for recovery
 The surgery will start 10am to 7pm
A lot of people asking  am I scare
I just can reply my past are more scariest than this
It might have side effect in future as what I survey on web
i just wish to make myself better and better 
I never really relax myself this past 3 years
I am glad the time I resign my parent support me
They know I am stress and tired all along since I graduated
Last but not least
Nice to knowing you 'MARK MALONG'

You can not appreciate the view at the top unless you've I stood at the bottom. To be successful, you must understand what failure is like. And there 's nothing more humbling than starving for Success. There' s dignity in paying your dues and working your way up from the bottom. If we all started out rich with success, we'd never learn anything on the way up

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